I'm writing a prototype application in Home windows Mobile 6.5 device. The goal of the application would be to request user for many inputs, collect data and store into local database as well as on a server.

I'm completed with creating GUI (in C#) from the application that takes all of the necessary inputs from user.

Now, I have to place this data into local DB and upload to server DB. Both DBs will have to synced over HTTP when user chooses to do this. I haven't done databases much, aside from writing some queries to fetch data from PostgreSQL previously in Linux atmosphere a couple of years back.

So my real question is, what's the simplest method to achieve the one thing I'm attempting to? I do not need large amount of features. The information is just strings and amounts (no files, multimedia stuff etc.) What server I ought to install and run? What components must i experience client side?

Thanks Ashish