I am writing a credit card applicatoin for home windows mobile 6 and above that needs a nearby database.

I'm wondering if anybody has any knowledge about database hosting on home windows mobile and which database management system could be most appropriate for development.

Thanks ahead of time,


SQL Server Compact Edition is broadly utilized in Home windows Mobile programs.

Another alternative is SQLite.

I have tried personally SqlServerCe like a local small database for any WinMobile 6 application I have done. It is extremely simple to use and will get instantly installed whenever you range from the reference in Visual Studio.

An alternative choice that appears popular is SQLite. For any comparison of these two see this publish: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/583278/sqlite-vs-sqlce-vs-in-a-mobile-application This appears to become biased towards SQLite that we haven't attempted however i was pleased with the performance of SqlServerCe for my application also it was sufficient.

If you're not associated with RDBMS, you should attempt db4o, an embedded object oriented database with support for LINQ

I have employed for some small programs Raima Database, also it demonstrated to become reliable and fast, a minimum of for the reasons.