Inside my job they have lately discovered and began diving into using Magento like a Content management systems for clients. I required a weekend to adjust it on my small Linux distro in your own home (had not ever tried on the extender before) and that i understood the functionality and energy of the Content management systems.

However, we're tied to merely a Home windows atmosphere to build up on even though I'm able to make use of the essentials to have it ready to go with Home windows (Eclipse, Aptana, Zend Debugger, etc.) to complete my thang, I observed that errors that were not errors when implementing from the Linux distro to the net host's server began turning up when developing on Home windows. Such things as filepaths and url re-write issues. Mix by using the lack of ability to set up any programs quickly because of limitations around the OS and you will see where head aches arise.

So my real question is must i push to get me and a few of the team using Linux to build up while some get it done on Home windows or perhaps is there something which Home windows needs to have great results just like superbly on that OS however i haven't thought it was yet?

Knowing of the items individuals programs/applications may be please tell me and when you believe it's more an problem of looking out for common mistakes when beginning development on this type of Content management systems tell me this too....but be gentle :-P

Thanks ahead of time.