I'm attempting to install Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.3.3 on the Home windows Server 2008 R2 box. I have handled to create Apache, but PHP isn't working properly: I have downloaded the most recent zip from home windows.php.internet (VC6) and I have modified http.conf to be able to load the php5 module (LoadModule, AddType &lifier PHPIniDir). To date, so great - phpinfo() is showing and i'm happy... But, there's no php.ini file - I've not yet re-named the bundled up php.ini-developmentphp.ini-production file. Basically achieve this (to be able to modify PHP's configuration), no php code is construed (including phpinfo()). I have reviewed the whole php.ini-development file but still it's not working... This is strange.

Basically make use of the re-named php.ini-production, I recieve an empty page. Basically don't define a php.ini or php.ini is empty, phpinfo() is working and also the loaded configuration file is C:Phpphp.ini (I have installed php in C:Php) ... This really is driving me insane...

Any assistance is welcome, Thanks ahead of time.

I happened this exact same problem inside a CLI only setup.

I first got it resolved by crippling all extensions that I am not requiring. I can not let you know wich extension may be the booger here, when i stopped troubleshooting the moment it labored. I only needed ODBC plus some fundamentals (like eg. zip)

Best of luck!