There is an identical question requested here 3 years ago, but I wish to open it up up further to incorporate all possible Home windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP stacks.

Which to do you consider is better?

XAMPP appears to become typically the most popular, but I have read several bad reasons for it which make me question whether it's just like its recognition indicates. For instance, I have heard their default PHP configuration is extremely insecure (and apparently their admin application can't function without these holes being left open). This is not terrible for any development situation, clearly, however, you may finish up depending on something similar to register_globals.

I additionally spotted another thing making me concerned: The designers suggest that Vista customers disable UAC to be able to use their software!

For me personally this is a large warning sign. Yes, you will find issues with getting something similar to this running on Vista with UAC enabled, but crippling UAC will not be offered like a solution, specifically for newbs (who require UAC a lot more than anybody). It can make me very concerned.

WampServer apparently is simpler to change versions of PHP or Apache, if you want to. But it arrives with less features than XAMPP (no FTP server, for instance).

EasyPHP is a which i don't have any connection with, and so i can't say, but it is apparently pretty popular, too.

Options? There a lot of other stacks listed on Wikipedia. Do these come suggested?

So that you utilize, and why you think it the very best? Have you just stick to the first you attempted?

I imagine the majority of us simply want something quick, light, or more-to-date.

I generally install Apache + PHP + MySQL by-hands, not using any package like individuals you are speaking about.

It's a little more work, yes but understanding how to set up and configure your atmosphere is excellent -- and helpful.

The very first time, you will need maybe a day or perhaps a day to configure individuals. But, a minimum of, you'll understand how to achieve this.
And subsequently occasions, things is going to be far less difficult, and you will need a shorter period.

Else, you might like to have a look at Zend Server -- that is another package that bundles Apache + PHP + MySQL.

Or, as a substitute : avoid using Home windows.
In case your production servers are running Linux, why don't you run Linux in your development machine ?
And when you won't want to (or cannot) install Linux on your pc, make use of a Virtual Machine.

I will not make this type of large deal out of this question.
It isn't like selecting your brand-new wife or vehicle.
I'd never run these on the production server, so, to operate some quick tests them are equally good.