I am new in creating database in Microsoft Access, I am trying to puzzle out how you can connect tables inside it. I've 3 tables, I referred to it as as Items, Providers, and Push_Supp. During my Push_Supp table I've fields where it's also a area during my Items and Providers table. What I wish to do is the fact that after i enter data in Push_Supp it'll instantly put into exactly the same fields in items and Providers table. Help me. Thanks.

Seems like the Push_Supp is really a link-table between Items en Providers for getting a n-to-n regards to one another.

For the reason that situation: there always hás to become a Supplier along with a Product before you link them together. Therefore the Push_Supp table just 2 fields, and a pair of fields only: an overseas answer to Supplier.ID along with a foreign answer to Product.ID.

Automation of adding a Supplier or perhaps a Product by filling out the fields within the linktable isn't desirable. Normally and ideally, that linktable just consists of meaningless integers, so you wouldn't understand what to go in. Actually, that table does not require a GUI whatsoever.