I appear with an problem with hooking up for an embedded FireBird database from the sample C# application. This is what I have got.

static void Main(string[] args)

        //Some constant parameters used to form up the connection string... 
        #region constant literals
        const String User = "SYSDBA";
        const String Password = "masterkey";
        const String DBPath = "D:\\!tmp\\1\\cafw.fdb";
        const String DLLPath = @"fbembed.dll";
        const String Charset = "WIN1251";
        const int Dialect = 3;

        //I check whether we actually have a database file nearby
        //and fbembed.dll. If we don't - we leave
        if (File.Exists(DBPath) == true && File.Exists(DLLPath) == true)
            //I form up a connection string out of literals I've declared above
            FbConnectionStringBuilder CStr = new FbConnectionStringBuilder();

            CStr.ServerType = FbServerType.Embedded;                
            CStr.UserID = User;
            CStr.Password = Password;                
            CStr.Dialect = Dialect;                
            CStr.Database = DBPath;
            CStr.Charset = Charset;                                
            CStr.ClientLibrary = DLLPath;

            //And then I finally try to connect
            FbConnection Conn = new FbConnection(CStr.ToString());                

                //See what we've got in the end
                //And try to connect
            catch (Exception Ex)
                //Show me what has gone wrong
                Console.WriteLine("\n" + Ex.Message.ToString());

The issue is, it yields us a

server type=Embeddeduser id=SYSDBApassword=masterkeydialect=3initial catalog=D:!tmp1 cafw.fdbcharacter set=WIN1251client library=fbembed.dll

No message for error code 335544972 found.

Invalid ESCAPE sequence

being an output.

I have researched around to discover about 335544972 error code, also it appears to become something about invalid connection string, however i haven't found any "official" information on that.

Hase anybody experienced anything similar so you could let me know what shall we be held doing wrong?


UPD: As it's been adviced, I have attempted to simplify my connection string. So, rather than that which was done above I made use of

FbConnection Conn = new FbConnection("Database=D:\\tmp\\1\\cafw.fdb;ServerType=1");

also it offered me a message that "Reliable Auth is not supported on Embedded Firebird". So, I attempted to utilize a regular sysdba login

FbConnection Conn = new FbConnection("Database=D:\\tmp\\1\\cafw.fdb;ServerType=1;User=SYSDBA;Password=masterkey");

and also got the identical error message.

Strange stuff.

It's difficult to believe, however the only reason I'm able to reputation for this really is that my c# solution were living somewhere in d:......c#myAppProject (yeah, it is all about # sign).

Once I changed the project, all labored correct.