I'm integrating a method with 2 other programs, 1 utilizing a Firebird database although another BIS (using ADO). My delphi application uses Firebird. I have to read data from the database, place it into both BIS database and also the other application firebird database. I've produced seperate data modules for every. Delivering data towards the ADO works fine, however when conntacting another Firebird DB (my db still open) I recieve strange errors. I've handled to isolate the issue towards the second firebird DB. Small data creates appears fine.

The information structures are completly different, so not able to utilize a synch tool.

it is possible to method to overcome this by utilizing multi threads or seperate storage each Firebird instance uses?

I do not use DataModules, but routinely access (both read/write) multiple databases constantly using multiple TAdoConnection/TAdoQuery for every database.

  1. For every database produce a TAdoConnection. I have not utilized Firebird, but from things i can gather it is similar to Interbase which means you should have the ability to can get on with TAdoConnection.
  2. Produce a corresponding TAdoQuery query for every database.
  3. Open each query individually.
  4. Once you are done make certain to free everything.

In the sounds from it, appears like you may be utilizing a single database link with one Firebird database (probably "Yours").

Another consideration: Make sure that a question towards the second database yields the intended results and fields.