After i configure the TMySqlConnection Driver for connecting around the Local computer using wamp local server everything work fine, however when i attempted to configure the motive force to some remote mysql server within the design time the following :

HostName : mydomain-cdn.internet PassWord : Hk*HjBc+SwXS Username : myuserna_me Database : mydbname_primary

I acquired a mistake which states:

aceess refused for user myuserna_me@ ( Using password: yes )

Where is my ip and never the ( host address ), how you can repair the problem and pressure the host address to become the server's ip by which my sql database is located.

I believe that however , you have not setup the myuserna_me user to ensure that it's the authority to connect with the DB in the IP. mySQL user accounts do contain information that IP given user may connect, it's also easy to use wildcard % for "without IP limitations" access. See "Adding User Accounts" subject in mySQL manual, it's some good examples too.