I understand mysql, and Let me learn sqlserver. I am presently stuck around the fundamentals of fundamentals:

  1. How you can install and configure sql server
  2. How you can connect with it

I installed Sql Server through Web Platform Installer, and also have Visual Studio 2008 installed. Still, I can not learn how to connect with my server:

  1. I observe that the SQL service itself (SQLEXPRESS) is running both in in services.msc and Sql Server Configuration Manager
  2. I attempt for connecting into it through the Management Studio, however i do not understand how to proceed.

Where will i begin?

Start Management Studio and Choose Database Engine as the SqlExpress instance then choose Home windows Authentication and press connect. Next in object explorer you will notice your databases if you wish to create one right click databases and make brand new one.

You can try http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms186312.aspx

You will find two kinds of methods for you to use a SQL Server instance: 1. Named Instance 2. Default Instance

If you use the default instance, and it is the only real instance around the machine, the server would listen on the main harbour 1433 the default SQL Server port. This is exactly what you'd expect should you originate from a mysql background.

Whenever you "title" a case, for example SQLEXPRESS, it really works in a different way. You connect with a unique service (SQL Server Browser Service) which now listens on that port, and points the customer towards the "correct" port from the named instance. I really hope I am being accurate about that one, but that is what goes on generally.

You can connect straight to the named instance if you notice what port it binds to within the SQL Server error log, and when you can pick the port within the client application.

Find out more relating to this here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms181087.aspx