I've got a div as a result :

    #imgspace {
position: absolute;
top: 56px;
white-space: nowrap;

and within it I've images, floating left, as blocks.

Is effective on any computer browser like a lengthy horizontal scroll, as well as of all apple iphones and ipads.

For many reasons their are certain phones which won't scroll right, the page is locked where it renders.

Used to do some investigation and it is possibly and problem with whitened-space: nowrap? Altho I possibly could also view it becoming an problem using the div's absolute positioning. I truly have no idea. Help!?

Well, I have looked lengthy and, and haven't develop an answer except utilizing a script for example jquery mobile or iscroll-4


If anybody knows of the simpler way, tell me! I'd rather not need to convert my whole site to some script simply because older mobile OS's will not support horizontal scroll with absolute div's.

Thank you for searching!