I've got a Cleaning soap web service code (.asmx) produced using Versus.Internet 2008 that we intend to host on the web server. I'm not aware and brand-new towards the term 'hosting' . My real question is whether you will find any free and limited period website hosting services that provide me to host b .asmx web service getting Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as after sales. If so, what if the approach be from my side ? Must I the upload the .asmx code or even the entire Versus.Internet project ? I'm focusing on localhost at the moment.


This describes how you can deploy ASMX web services:


You will need to look for a hosting company that supports IIS and ASP.Internet. I am unaware of any free hosts that support server side scripts and SQL databases. Among the least expensive options that I have used previously is GoDaddy, that ought to satisfy all of your needs.

You can look at in your area should you install IIS 7, available with the web platform installer:

http://world wide web.microsoft.com/web/downloads/platform.aspx