Rather than utilizing an exterior web-based Mercurial host, I wish to set one on my company's intranet. It is possible to web-based tool for Mercurial that allows you possess an interface like Bitbucket's but let us you host Mercurial in your area?

Mercurial ships with hgwebdir.cgi, which may be set up use a fundamental interface for repository hosting. The correct answer is straightforward to create with Apache.

I personally use this on my small OSX box in your own home required around an hour - the majority of which was permissions associated with kludging in server procedures on the desktop box.

It isn't Bitbucket. For those who have a good-sized budget, you may have the ability to buy a bitbucket license for the company - I'm not sure.

Hgwebdir gives you an internet interface for the hg repos. It's little simpler than your could possibly get from Bitbucket but adequate.

You need to setup a webserver(apache) and mercurial on the server.