I'm using Home windows XP which got IIS 5, I'm facing some authentication problem throughout database actions. I attempted impersanating however it did not work with me.

Can One host WCF service without IIS(5) in XP machine? Insert this.

Only option except IIS hosting in XP is going to be i)Console Hosting. ii)Home windows Service Hosting.

You can't host in WAS on Home windows XP since WAS requires IIS 7, but as Ladislav states, you are able to certainly host in almost any .Internet program.

If you cannot use IIS (possibly because you need to use NetTCP or any other non-Http protocol), and also you need your host to become lengthy running, your best choice is by using a home windows service.

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You are able to host WCF service in almost any .Internet program. The most typical inside your scenario is Windows Service however it does not need to be solution for the problem.