I curently have ASP.Internet hosting, but I am unsure how you can run my application off Neo4j, because it takes a Java stack.

It appears my only choices are:

  • Get separate Java/Linux hosting, and install Neo4J there, deploying it like a database server.
  • Get Neo4J-as-a-service, (similar to what MongoHQ does for MongoDB customers) however i haven't had any luck finding companies. Any advice here?
  • Move my whole application to Mono after which place it all on Java/Linux hosting and install Neo4j.

Every other ideas?

Yes there's this type of factor greatly indeed. We now have just put Neo4j located in Home windows Azure and therefore it might naturally back an ASP.Internet solution or other front-end solution that you desire to possess!

Besides it's very simple to contact the Neo4j server from .Internet because it talks over HTTP using Relaxation. It's as natural to speak with it because it is to talk with Home windows Azure Storage.