It is possible to detailed guide which describes how you can host an internet site by yourself server on linux. I've presently located it on among the commerical web-hosts. Also the domain is registered to another vendor.


This informative guide is most likely more information than you actually asked for, but webserver details are inside. It's Gentoo-specific, however, you can use exactly the same information with minor translations holiday to a distro.

It is dependent how familiar you're with linux. Certainly, lots of people do that for enthusiast websites.

You will find many aspects involved - you need to start with something simple like getting apache running and visible towards the outdoors world.

I'd consider setting up apache

99% of linux distributions may have a package for this.

On ubuntu you are able to run:

sudo apt-get install apache2

Are you currently thinking about hosting an internet page in your area for the net? Or perhaps is this only for development etc..

Whether it's to have an internet server, you may need a stable web connection with a decent upstream.

You may even require a static Ip to help you setup DNS to suggest right place.

As I do not have an hyperlink to a great tutorial in british, I'd just warn you that this isn't something you need to take gently. Managing a server involves having your hands dirty in linux stuff and coping with security could be pretty complex based on your understanding and needs.

If you have no knowledge about this, you ought to be careful and when the web site you host has is associated with a commercial importance you're most likely best employing a server admin.

Just to indicate if this sounds like an individual (home) server, instead of one out of a company atmosphere, then it is do not to bother hosting it - you will not always possess the bandwidth, as well as your Web service provider might not take.

As pointed out above, additionally, you will require a static Ip, and you will need to setup DNS records to suggest towards the correct location, which your domain vendor might assist you with.

XenoCafe comes with an excellent thorough article on establishing an Apache web server on the linux box. Browse the article in the link that follows: http://world wide