I've got a client that's likely to be hosting their public website and web programs (user will need to login) with GoDaddy. They're worried about internal thievery of intellectual property.

Their application is really a asp.internet, with SQL Server database.

What will be the best layout so just in case of internal thievery, the core business logic is protected? This client comes with a distinct segment technology like a major revenue generator.

Unsure if this helps, but you may can host the web site at one hosting service (GoDaddy) and host your database at another hosting service and also have your middle layer located at another hosting service. This could lift up your price of course, but you can be certain if a person host will get compromised, you've still got 2/3 of the intellectual property secure.

If you're that panicked about possible files being stolen the very best factor would be to just setup a server yourself, it's a bit more costly than exterior hosting however the simplest &lifier most secure (to avoid stealing) way. Also make certain that common security holes are blocked, e.g. all patches and strong passwords.

Another factor you should use is really a code obfuscuator. Microsoft bundles quite a decent one with increased costly versions of Visual Studio. Another factor you should do is secure the code and decrypt it on-the-fly, used for software having a (temporary) license.

Obfuscuation does not build your application reduced (it causes it to be even faster than an unoptimized application) but decrypting is very an origin hog.