There exists a website which was designed in classic ASP, i quickly began to increase it using web forms. These extensions appear in a subfolder from the primary folder. Now we have made the decision we'd would rather use MVC3. Also, as we want to transform all of our site to MVC3 with time, we're hosting the MVC code within the application root. I have found another questions where people have the identical problem to mine, but no solution. The problem is just that my web forms application can't appear to become stopped from getting the net.config configurations in the root folder, and consequently, it will not run, it either gripes about missing dlls, or gripes about running the incorrect version of .Internet, or gripes I have to remove some configurations ( that we try to can't ever make a start right ). The application within the subfolder can also be hosting a webservice that's known as by our application, and in addition it runs HTTP handlers to safeguard our imaging content, therefore it is got a little of stuff inside it. Should i run my MVC site inside a subfolder ? Can there be in whatever way to possess MVC within the folder over a web forms application ? I'd would rather set some misconception so that they share session data, but that is searching apt to be impossible at this time...

To be obvious the folder structure is:

   contains asp site and MVC site.
      contains webforms application

and my problem gets the subfolder to operate, ideally within the same session because the MVC application.

There's pointless you cannot run regular .aspx files with an MVC site. You're correct though, web.config configurations are inherited in the parent (chain), however, you just give a new web.config inside your directory with relevant configurations.

What you'll have to do is have fun with the routes, because automatically MVC will route all demands to your controller classes. But when you google around its quite simple to include the best towards the routing.

Should you publish a few of the specific errors we are able to most likely help further.

Oh and would you mean Classic ASP? i.e. not Classic ASP.Internet? Because you will have fun discussing session data between ASP &lifier ASP.Internet.