My application needed to operate continuous tasks with no user intervention however i am finding difficult how you can host it on shared virtual server like a home windows service, because individuals control sections are just supplying use of IIS.

My questions is exactly what is going to be way to do this goal or option to run continuous task on shared located server?

I'm not thinking for devoted server because that's too pricey..


Are you able to define "continuous" inside your situation? Because you can't obtain access to an actual box (as well as full use of an online box), your choices are type of limited.

You might have an ASP.Internet application that's stored alive in some way (most hosting that is shared atmosphere will recycle when there's not demands, but you will find ways around that) that runs a procedure on the timer without anyone's knowledge. We have carried this out with a few cleanup tasks for sites before.

But when you'll need something more continuous than that... I'm not sure. I believe you are either gonna need to get full use of a box to help you install your merchandise, or change the thought of how your merchandise runs.

You cannot install home windows server on the hosting that is shared. It can be done should you choose VPS hosting. One other way would be to plan a job (also is not given with every hosting that is shared). The schedule will call some web service or page that is going to do what you need.