Hi I have not carried this out before, and so i am tossing this available for opinions. Thanks ahead of time.

I've built a database/image wealthy application thats only likely to rise in size. I'm on a tight budget, but will have an extremely good 3Ghz XEON server with 400 GB space.

My idea that we am searching for oppions on would be to:

1) Run the applying around the server along with the database. 2) Host the pictures on the shared server without any limit on data storage. 3) Cache the pictures on my small server and refresh every seven days eg.

Any ideas ? Is bad or a great way for a person with limited funds.

Thanks Jon

It may sound in my experience as if you are on course using the architecture design layout of products. I'd certainly commence with sizing the database and using it its very own devoted server having a sufficient disk configuration, what platform is the database could it be MySQL? For that application itself I'd put this inside a virtual machine that will also offer you an amount of redundancy and free the assets in your database server. The pictures ought to be on the cloud filesystem when the finances are there to complement -- bandwidth is another determining factor in addition to performance.

Ideally you will need to make use of a CDN if it will get intensive levels of traffic.

If you wish to reuse your Xeon server you will find colocation possibilities. You can achieve to me if you want some recommendations, I will help you determine amounts and price of operation.