I am moving a task to new hosting and would really like to put it together so that it sits at mysite.com/test/ (this really is under mod_wsgi with an Apache server). This appears to complete okay for that application itself, however when I personally use @login_needed to enforce authentication Django redirects to mysite.com/accounts/login rather than mysite.com/test/accounts/login as I'd like. I in addition have a mysite.com/push which i do same factor on so I'd rather not hard code this any place in configurations... it will determine in which the cause of its URL is and act accordingly.

How do you arrange it to ensure that Django automagically redirects as to the Apache views that application's web root?

You have to set LOGIN_URL and LOGOUT_Hyperlink to full URL path in Django configurations file. See:


Django does not instantly place the mount point at the beginning of individuals as so need to be properly accredited.