I've my website presently located on compensated server, but i wish to transfer it on GAE. How do i get it done? Can anybody help me within this situation.I'd thank you for help. Thanks:)

1) First you'll have to adapt your site towards the GAE framework (python with django or even the new Java atmosphere). You can look at your projects by installing the SDK of GAE that offer a nearby server.

2) Then create a merchant account on appengine.google.com and upload the application on something.appspot.com, test drive it.

3) For those who have a website title, produce a google applications account about this domain, and lastly bind this domain together with your GAE website. Here may be the Google doc.

If it's really a static website which doesn't need server side scripts or perhaps a database, then you might like to consider Google Sites rather than Appengine. You are able to discover much more about Sites here: http://world wide web.google.com/sites/help/intl/en/overview.html

If you have some server side logic happening, you will have to convert it either to python or java and convert your relational database to Google's Data API which doesn't offer the SQL your present database uses. Read much more about the APIs and what's supported using the Data API and lessons at: http://code.google.com/appengine/

In reaction to sanorita's comment "Really, it's produced html and never plain html. and google appengine is perfect for static data... right?":

AppEngine can host static data, but that's not even close to its intent.

The objective of AppEngine would be to allow designers to simply deploy their dynamic programs on Google's infrastructure. Ultimately, presuming you've designed your application in great ways to handle scaling (essentially just observing that creates towards the database are costly, and contention may be the cause of all evil) you are able to handle nearly anywhere of traffic.