Presently I am using Google Application Engine to host my web programs. The truth is which i cannot use ibatis inside,only JPA and JDO. Must I watch for GAE to aid the relational databases ? Or kindly recommend the host company for Java/Relational Database. My preferred stack is Struts2/Spring/Ibatis/MySQL or Flex/BlazeDS/Spring/IBatis/MySQL. I learned about Amazon . com EC2 too, could it be free? Do you know the guide-lines I have to follow in the event that Amazon . com EC2 may be the choice. Help.

Amazon . com EC2 lately launched a free usage tier however it is not like GAE that is free if you do not review a particular number page sights (5 million). EC2's free tier will go out and you will have to start having to pay bills for hosting. Presently, EC2 provides 750 hrs of free hosting on their own littlest instance and they've other limits for his or her free plan which you'll read online.

For the preferred stacks EC2 works out well. Amazon . com enables SSH use of the servers to help you install anything inside their service agreement.

Hope this can help.