I am attempting to deploy an PHP application that is written with Zend Framework to some shared cPanel server.

You will find very few lessons on el born area online, however, I adopted a number of them. It's effective to operate the exam page which proves the zend framework is installed properly.

However, since cPanel server includes a default root directory known as public_html/, it's impossible to merely relabel it towards the Zend Server's default public/.

Consequently, I'd two options in your mind: (The project title is AAA) 1) upload my projects underneath the /public_html/ directory, then your project is going to be like /public_html/AAA/public, and etc. However, that one simply does not work. My thought could be a problem here using the baseUrl setting, however, regardless of I comment ( which would be to take away the baseUrl) or set towards the root page, ( within this situation /public_html/AAA) both unsuccessful.

2) I attempted to follow along with the way in which listed in the following paragraphs: http://blog.motane.lu/2009/11/24/zend-framework-and-web-hosting-services/. Still unsuccessful.

Can anybody suggest how to get it done? Really many thanks for help!

Just symlink it:

ln -s public public_html

than the structure works:






    public_html # this really is really a symlink pointing to public

Anything you do, dont just throw my way through the openly accessible area... its just bad form :-)

I do not think ZF cares that which you title your "public" directory. It is simply the convention that's typically used.

I can not think about any ZF component or common use situation where anything clearly points at "public/...".

A project structure such as this should work:




    public_html/ # this was previously public before you re-named it.