I personally use CloudControl for hosting and I must setup a server (possibly with load balancing support) to host piwik its my websites. The only issue would be that the only writable directory CloudControlled enables you to definitely access is determined by $_SERVER['TMPDIR'].

Can you really modify piwik to make use of ezinearticles its its file-writing needs?

As well as am i going to encounter any difficulties with using load balancing? Something similar to instantly produced reviews being produced by each node behind my load balancer since they are unaware of one another?

The concept would be to bare this change for the system even if you update.

This really is simple to do: produce a bootstrap.php within the piwik primary folder.

This is actually the content of stated file:



You are able to double-take a look: in index.php, you need to observe that it inspections for any bootstrap.php file within the same folder. It's incorporated when available, which enables you to definitely do little custom remaking and them even if you update. E.g. I have run piwik from svn within the last 3 years approximately and also have some custom alterations in there.

There's way too much code that i can have the ability to confirm this works, however the constant PIWIK_USER_PATH appears for use because the base root for file io. Knowing that, editing index.php, around line 23, that is initially:


To something similar to:


Might work - however what goes on when it is attempting to read personal files in the original location? As this is a temporary directory, however, it might not be viable, by which situation a strategy using override_function or perhaps a similar method, combined with a persistent storage (your database), may also work - by overriding file functions having a database load/save routine clearly this reveals another can of earthworms of scriptural proportions, thus, my final recommendation is to get another less limited host.