I'm a freelance web-developer, just beginning out. In recent past, my project works happen to be high (out of the blue). Right now I've got a very fundamental hosting package. Which means this rise in project volume (and files, too) can't be handled through the current hosting package. So before Time passes for an additional (most likely costly) hosting package, I had been weighing my options. I've an Amazon . com S3 account. I wish to host the project files there without altering the codes. Allow me to explain. Let's say, I've an /uploads dir during my project directory and I wish to host all of the items in /uploads to amazon . com s3. But I'd rather not alter the codes and all sorts of. So, really, I wish to route all demands to /uploads to s3. Is the fact that possible whatsoever? Looked google to have an hour but no luck. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.

So re-route: http://yoursite.com/uploads/somefile.txt out of your personal host for your S3 bucket http://<bucket>.s3.amazonaws.com/somefile.txt?

Sure you could utilize Apache mod-rewrite (to redirect - the bucket URL would show within the address bar however your links works without changes) or mod-proxy (the information could be offered in the bucket using your web server - will consume web-server bandwidth and can be invisible to clients- they'll never begin to see the AWS bucket info).

You must have use of individuals modules though, it may sound a little like you are inside a hosting that is shared plan by which situation you are subject to the provider (although mod-rewrite is most likely already enabled).

Alternatively look around for an additional provider, mainly in the "vpsInch or "slice" server market... many of them provide considerable amounts of storage at inexpensive price points (S3 could possibly get pricey)

It is possible, you only have to result in the s3 files accessible through the web for that public.

I question you did not found anything about this on the internet really. It is a very fundamental feature of s3 to host files, e.g. http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2007/03/using-amazon-s3-as-an-image-hosting-service.html