Sorry if this sounds like a strange question, I could not find anything searching.

I'm developing a website hosting script (only for educational reasons) and i'm naive about hosting domain names. I've the script register a brand new user and make up a folder for his or her home directory ( however they will clearly are thinking about creating a website reputation for their website like a next thing.

My real question is, what's the easiest method of doing this from my finish? I can not host domain names because I am not running this on the server which i own, only a shared host. Must I just forward these phones GoDaddy and let them know to purchase a website and alias it to when they are done?

Unsure I realize the question, however it seems like you are attempting to host multiple domain names on one server? You might like to use subdomains, like '' rather than ''. This way you could utilize domain title aliases without requiring to wreck havoc on HTTP redirects.

Anyway, the phrase "easiest method of doing that out of your finish" highly is dependent about the hosting atmosphere, how your hosting script works, and also the server's operating-system.