Let me avoid wasting of my website monthly bandwidth allocation and I am wondering basically may use Flickr Professional or I ought to depend on Amazon . com S3 being an hosting service for my site images. (My Web Application enables customers to upload their very own pictures and right now it's controlling around 40GB of information)

I have not used at all Amazon's services and that i like the thought of utilizing Flickr Relaxation Api do dynamically upload images from my webApp.
I love also the thought of getting virtually limitless space to keep images on Flickr for just 25$/year but I am unsure basically may use their service on my small site.

I believe that my account could be banned basically use Flickr services to keep images (submitted by customers of my website) that aren't just for 'personal use'.
What's your experience and can you suggest other services instead of Amazon's S3 or perhaps is this the only real available option right now?

edit: Flickr clearly states 'Don’t use Flickr for commercial purpose', you can always contact these to request to judge your request however it sounds in my experience like I can not use their services to attain things i want. S3 appears like what you want then...
Despite the fact that a tough estimate of the items I am likely to spend each month continues to be frightening

  5000 visit/day

* 400 img/user (avg 50kB/image)

* thirty days

= ~3TB of traffic

* .15$/GB (Amazon . com S3)

= 429$/month

can there be any cheaper spot to host my images?

400 images per user appears high? Is the fact that figure from actual stats?

Amazon . com S3 is excellent also it just works!

A potential cheaper choice is Google. Google paperwork now supports all file types, to help you load the pictures up to and including Google paperwork folder, and share the folder for public access. The URL's are type of lengthy e.g.


Add the =s paramter to scale the look, awesome! e.g. for 200 pixels wide


Google only charge USD5/year for 20GB. There's a complete API for uploading paperwork etc

I really like amazon . com S3. You will find a lot of great code libraries (LitS3) and browser plug ins (S3Fox) and upload icons (Flajaxian) making it really simple to use.

And you pay for which you utilize. I personally use it a great deal and also have only ever experienced down-time once.

Nivanix is definitely an s3 competitor. I've not used them, however they have a little more functionality (image resizing) etc.