I have written an internet site in PHP and it'll have ability for customers to upload images. My website may have a lot more than 100.000 customers. Aprox. 1k customers will upload image about 50 KB. And each image is going to be displayed on this web site 5k occasions therefore it is transfer of:

1k x 50 KB x 5k = 250 GB monthly.

So my real question is:

Are you aware worthwhile solution (hosting or CDN network otherwise) that:

  • is going to be payed for transfer not space used with no entrance fee
  • may have API to upload images easily with PHP
  • is very simple to use
  • is going to be great for low quality
  • won't require any special, complicated registration and formal things
  • allows commercial use
  • allows by using this images in website layout


Amazon . com S3 nearly meets individuals needs.

I believe alone it fails on is it includes a storage charge (a little one) additionally to some bandwidth charge.

Gonna make my comment right into a proper answer.

From things i begin to see the image storage is most likely trivial in comparison towards the traffic and application load. So you apply the cloud sites from Rack Space for the PHP application and purchase extra CPU usage based on traffic, application load. If you want specialized solution for storage you should use Cloud Files being an addon and also the integration ought to be pretty easy.