I am likely to be using a couple of outdoors designers on some projects of mine and wish to host the project files and version control on the located solution. It will not get lots of traffic however it needs to be fast.

What's the easiest method to go? Devoted, colo, or shared located? Let me keep cost lower however the priority is on stablity.

Use GitHub and setup collaborator makes up about them.

I am unsure whether this is exactly what you are after, but Beanstalk offer free/compensated Subversion hosting. Their free plan's restricted to 20 Megabytes, 3 customers, and 1 repository.

I work on ProjectLocker, and that we offer Subversion hosting and Git hosting, in addition to Trac hosting, free of charge for approximately 5 customers/500 Megabytes. Bigger plans can be found from suppliers. Generally, I'd recommend taking a located offering on the shared or devoted hosting company. Any located offering worth their salt is going to be being careful of disaster recovery making configuration simple not to need spend access.

I personally use linode (c.f. world wide web.linode.com), it's a xen (shared virtual machine) machine running on some nice hardware. It features a wide array of linux distributions to select from and also the freedom to set up anything you want for around $20 per month.

Be cautious with VPS's that really need you to fax a duplicate of the photo ID to be able to allow ssh use of your host.

Based on your VCS of preference, you might like to take a look at ShareSource , that provides SVN and Mercurial hosting free of charge (soon Git).

Disclamer: I'm an admin there, so I am clearly biased :)

You should check InDefero, as stated through the guy working at ProjectLocker, a devoted offers are frequently the easiest method to go because they are being careful of all of the backup copies etc. InDefero is supplying a totally free offer along with a 1GB limitless projects $30/year offer. The program can be obtained (GPL) if you wish to go with your personal installation. Note, I'm charge developer of InDefero.