I'm asking this on SO just because a similar question was requested here and migrated to SuperUser, however the solutions it got there have been much more about screen discussing than hosting screencasts. I am wishing that a number of you've faced (and solved) this problem before...

My team is assembling a lot of technical screencasts, and that we are presently hosting them ourselves. We'd much would rather host them externally, to make the most of a larger pipe, geographically distributed data centers, and uptime.

The screencasts are usually under ten minutes.

It is possible to programmer-centric screencast hosting solution? Can you recommend YouTube? Vimeo? Another thing?

While Vimeo is much more of the professional site, YouTube offers HTML5 / H.264 video playback support for those videos, so they'll experience apple iphone. Vimeo presently does not support that on user videos, and it is thinking about adding it as being a professional feature later on.

Personally, I favor to determine videos on something similar to Vimeo instead of YouTube or perhaps a similar site. Vimeo includes a certain air of professionalism about this while be convenient and user-friendly. Also, you are able to put embedded videos in your support pages if you want or just connect to the videos in Frequently asked questions or forums. It causes it to be very convenient. Again though, case MHO.