I've been conmunicating with my current host company. They are saying they support .net4 although not MVC3.

I realize that you may want to install mvc3 around the server from http://world wide web.asp.internet/mvc/mvc3

Can there be anyway to avert this? Can One just range from the MVC dlls when building?

Regrettably I am unable to test this together since i have am hosting as .net2. Before Time passes establishing a vmare I needed to request here first.

i simply need to make sure that leaving my current hosting a strong decision.

(I'm not searching for hosting suggestions or comapany title shedding)


Yes, you only have to range from the MVC 3 dlls within the bin folder of the application whenever you deploy it.

As lengthy because the host company supports ASP .Internet 4. you will be ok

This is a link from somebody that knows what they are speaking about

Yea, all that you should do is Bin deploy the MVC dll and you ought to be all set. Check out this blog about them.