I've just sucessfully examined my Zend based application around the localhost.After I used it on the hosting that is shared site I acquired the mistake below.It takes place whenever I attempt navigate to protected pages of my application.

Warning: include(/home/davidkag/public_html/prototype/application/models/DbTable//Customers.php) [function.include]: unsuccessful to spread out stream: No such file or directory in /home/davidkag/public_html/prototype/library/Zend/Loader/Autoloader/Resource.php online 176

I've got a feeling the double slashes


are leading to this issue.

The mistake is triggered only at that particular line during my code:

Fatal error: Class 'Model_DbTable_Users' not present in /home/davidkag/public_html/prototype/application/remotes/AuthController.php online 24

How do you trouble shoot this issue.Bear in mind that on my small localhost machine its working fine.

I'd begin by developing a new test script, with one line, and find out what you'll get:

include '/home/davidkag/public_html/prototype/application/models/DbTable//Customers.php'

Then, take away the double slashes:

include '/home/davidkag/public_html/prototype/application/models/DbTable/Customers.php'

Whether it's still providing you with that warning, then either the journey is wrong or perhaps your file permissions have to be reduced.

P.S. You stated 'protected pages' -- are individuals possibly not in public places_html?

I finally found my problem.It had been a situation problem.Talk of developing on home windows and implementing on linux