I've got a a couple of domain names on the host company, with DNS/domain title provided elsewhere. To setup the hosting, I setup a b-record for my domain title, by having an Ip that's all normal, obviously. All of the domain names have a similar Ip. I'm not sure if that is normal or otherwise, however it appears enjoy it most likely is, a minimum of for affordable hosting like I am using.

Previously, I have setup 2 A-records, one bare and something with world wide web, and I've got a .htaccess file to redirect ww* to my bare domain. To date, so great.

For that latest one, I attempted new things, using one A-record, for that bare domain title, along with a CNAME for that world wide web title, which labored OK.

Then, to obtain fancy, I attempted also doing CNAMES for "ww" and "wwww". Individuals aren't effective. They provide us a default apache web site saying the server works, there is however no content yet.

Since I Have don't have any treatments for anything outdoors my web space, and there is no default page within my space, I approached the host company, who states they setup A-records and CNAMES for all of us using world wide web or bare title (even though world wide web did not work without my setting, and so i think they might be mistaken here).

My theory is they do not have it set up properly for anything apart from world wide web or bare, and there is nothing I'm able to do unless of course they repair it. Let me know whether my understanding is correct, or, otherwise, things i must do in a different way - or the way i can test this better. I attempted creating a b-record similar to the ones that actually work for "ww.mydomain.com", however it has got the same results, it appears.