I presently have WHM/cPanel on my small server, however it does not integrate correctly with any JEE Application Server. I installed Tomcat by hand, and also have managed to get sort out Apache, however the configuration is much more fragile than I would like.

So, I am looking for a alternative in which a JEE Application Server could be correctly integrated &lifier handled.


  • Free / Free Software Application (i.e. not proprietary)
  • Operates on CentOS (although, Debian/Fedora Core/FreeBSD are options if required)
  • Supports Apache + Tomcat (or equivalent)
  • Self-monitoring (e.g. auto-restarts MySQL whether it falls over)
  • User account management (easy setup, limit space &lifier bandwidth quotas, etc)
  • Friendly finish-user user interface (for setting up db, mail, stats, logs, etc)
  • Anything apparent I have forgotten.

What are the suggested software programs which do all this?

Plesk is really a similar commercial hosting management suite much like CPanel, actually most hosting companies who offer WHM/CPanel offer Plesk, that has built-in Tomcat support. Plesk runs natively on CentOS but it's only free to be used on a single domain.

We've been using Apache Geronimo at work with about 2 yrs and contains been reliable. It features its own built-in charge panel that enables us to deploy/start/stop each application individually. You might want to try it out.