This really is my very first time atempting something similar to this. I have made something using my NetBeans/Glassfish bundle, but I have crashed right into a problem: When attempting to gain access to the project through http://localhost:8080/PBL_2.0/ it really works like no bodies business, however when I am attempting to connect from another computer (either on LAN or WAN, does not matter) using 188.x.x.1:8080/PBL_2./ (based on the router) or 188.x.x.78:8080 (based on I am only getting "Connection Interrupted" from the browser. Port 8080 continues to be submitted.

So, what can it be? It's most likely a bad enough description of my problem to assist everyone alot, therefore if there's anything I ought to try, please let me know what and just how.

Or you will undergo things i must do - on your own and step-by-step - to host an easy web site effectively.