I have to block files in directory from being performed, i had been suggested to create

php_flag engine off  

Now i want go get listing of other engines running and disable all of them.

I suppose you're searching to have a type of personal files upload directory from performing source codes.

1) Security inspections :
You might first check whether this directive *php_flag engine off* is effectively taken into consideration because of your server, placing a php file and calling it out of your browser. So far as I recall, this directive works together with Apache2 and above although not below.

Provided that you could activate additional php modules (mod_mime), I suppose you might complete your .htaccess file by 2 lines :

RemoveHandler .php .phtml .php3 .php4 .php5 .cgi .fcgi 
RemoveType .php .phtml .php3 .php4 .php5 .cgi .fcgi 
php_flag engine off

2) "Running engines" :
Your real question is not obvious in my experience and regardless, the solution is dependent in your OS and distro. On the debian, you'll appear details about Apache, Bind DNS, or Postfix smtp server as well as their port amounts such as this :

netstat -tulpn

3) AddHandler :
But you may be searching for the file types handled through the server inside a particular directory. With this, you need to look at your apache.conf or httpd.conf file and discover which kinds of files are handled inside your conf file(s). Then you definitely shall look for the AddHandler directives. To locate individuals lines on the debian machine with apache2 installed in the standard packages in to the default sites :

grep --color -Rn -e "handler" -e "type" /etc/apache2/*.conf