Was searching for a means for educational text to appear when the mouse moves on the couple of words anywhere inside the website. I observe that you will find some plug ins that handle this however they dont appear to complete anything witin custom content types produced through the site admin. Additionally, tey dont search engine marketing to dedicate yourself specific html tags all around the text If only to become a reference term.

For instance, allows say I've what "Option 1" between two list tags (li) I'd would like it to read "Here's text" upon someone mousing over "Option 1" which seems within an unordered list.Quite simply, I particularly would like it to work with all cases of "Option 1" that appear enclosed within (li) tags

Is request too implausible? Maybe there's an additional way to do that entirely. Among the finest people in order ot choose options from the checkbox, but have the means to see what individuals choices are at length from that page where they're listed. Tooltips appear to be effective for reference records and so i figured maybe exactly the same might be done.

Appears that the majority of the tooltip plug ins aren't setup instead of WordPress Custom Content Types.

The easiest strategy is only to add the title attribute, prefer to make a listing tag that appears such as this:

<li title="Here is text">
    Option 1

Obviously, this, you cannot style, or modify - it's entirely construed through the browser. Alternatively, you can consider creating your own tooltips, using Javascript or CSS3.