I'm focusing on a massive web application. Before beginning actual development we must consider lots of factor, Within this publish i wish to request queries specific to Website Hosting. Before asking my question i wish to write a short intro relating to this web application.

This can be a social application for corporate sector, contain large amount of customers associated with one another and discussing large amount of information with one another in type of emails, files (.doc .pdf .ppt etc). Overall things i am perceiving is the fact that we want:

  • Limitless Bandwidth
  • Limitless Current Email Address
  • Huge Space For Storage
  • Some copying Mechanism (coz we must support all of the files (.doc, .ppt, .pdf etc))
  • Efficient hosting (I'm not going my customers to hold back for very long time)
  • Last although not lest since we'd develop insinternet 3.5 therefore we only need suggestion regarding .internet hosting

I'm completely new towards the hosting world so have no idea things to choose. Someone explained to think about devoted servers or virtual servers (if u wish to save cost and clearly i'd be at liberty by saving cost)


  • Must i pay for the software licences (Home windows licence, MS Visual Studio and MS SQL Server etc)
  • Must i result in taking backup of my data
  • Who must do the maitinance when server could be lower

If only that there might be some mechanism by which i'm only accountable for hosting data relaxation all could be manged by my hosting company.