How are database developers not the same as other developers?

How's their expertise different? What exactly are their talents and weak points? How can their personas compare?

Can these simplification be also made?

They specialize on paper code for any database.

They learn how to think when it comes to 'sets' instead of 'instructions' or 'objects'.

They are fully aware stuff concerning the database apart from that usual "Choose * FROM bla".

They understand how to use Query Analyzers and understand what an Execution plan's. They already know you are able to Alter the SQL QUery to add a Hint to inform the Database which Index to make use of. They are fully aware all individuals non-Standard Instructions that's different for every Database which allows really obscure, yet highly affecting performance tweaks. They understand how to write a Mandelbrot in T-SQL.

As being a Webmaster knows stuff about AJAX, a Home windows Developer is aware of Messages or perhaps a three dimensional Engine Developer knows concerning how to create an Inverse Sqrt function, a Database Programmer knows stuff about SQL

Personally i think the scope from the DB developers is narrow. The plethora of problems they face may be limited. And also the technology is altering bit reduced. And So I think another developers possess a wide understanding of the domain than DB developers.

Who're database designers anyway?