Allows say I personally use $query = new WP_Query( arguments ); or $worksArray = get_posts( args );

how can i discover the available fields from the came back list and so i understand what to obtain from the publish?

foreach ($worksArray as $work) {

What else there's within the $work object aside from the id? I can not look for a class diagram/reference from the came back type. The codexs' documents say it returns the list of posts but there's no connect to see what do that posts could be or what fields exist.

(example: $work->the_title(), $work->something_else)

In the page:

The fields came back are:

ID (integer) The post ID 
post_author (integer) The post author's ID 
post_date (string) The datetime of the post (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) 
post_date_gmt (string) The GMT datetime of the post (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) 
post_content (string) The post's contents 
post_title (string) The post's title 
post_category (integer) The post category's ID.
post_excerpt (string) The post excerpt 
post_status (string) The post status
comment_status (string) The comment status (open|closed|registered_only) 
ping_status (string) The pingback/trackback status (open|closed) 
post_password (string) The post password 
post_name (string) The post's URL slug 
to_ping (string) URLs to be pinged 
pinged (string) URLs already pinged 
post_modified (string) The last modified datetime of the post
post_modified_gmt (string) The last modified GMT datetime of the post
post_content_filtered (string) 
post_parent (integer) The parent post's ID (for attachments, etc) 
guid (string) A link to the post. 
menu_order (integer) 
post_type (string) (post|page|attachment) 
post_mime_type (string) Mime Type (for attachments, etc) 
comment_count (integer) Number of comments