Since I Have performed having a php script, I've no disk space. Prior to the disk space was at 130MB, it is now at 200 Megabytes - the maximal permitted quality in the webhoster. This Site has 130MB therefore it appears the log files go ahead and take other available disk space. My PHP script used the next functions:


I have tried personally imagedestroy. The errors I'd within the script were

  • undefined offset
  • utilization of undefined constant

By which directory I'm able to discover the log files which in turn causes this issue?


/var/log/httpd known as error_log

I removed my error lines and submitted the file to the server.

When I said during my comment, error_log file inside /var/log/httpd folder may be the Apache webserver error log.
When a mistake happens within your script (for instance), it's appended for the reason that file.
So it is important (if you wish to understand what is happening) that you simply have a look at this file to enhance your script getting rid of problems.
You'll be able to attempt to remove it, even when I am unsure Apache will not complain since it is utilizing it... Preventing webserver, getting rid of that file and restarting Apache will be a better solution, even when I knows that may be impossible in case your web-space is located and never beneath your control...