I actually do data conversions, and i'm constantly hooking up to a number of different DBMS'. Certain DBMS' don't have JDBC motorists (MsAccess for instance). Sun's JDBC-ODBC bridge driver was meant like a temporary solution when JDBC motorists were not broadly available, and due to that, it's missing functionality and it is pretty buggy. I'm told that you will find good commercial solutions available, I haven't yet find any, however. Does anybody are conscious of worthwhile bridge motorists?

use this form, and choose ODBC in the 'supported dbms'. this way you need to have the ability to locate one which meets your other needs.

Simba comes with an ODBC and JDBC SDK that consists of a JDBC/ODBC bridge. Essentially, the SimbaEngine SDK is really a toolkit that enables you to definitely rapidly build an ODBC driver. A number of our clients likewise want a JDBC driver. So, we created a JDBC/ODBC bridge included in the SDK to fill this need. How a driver is defined together, enables you to accept JDBC/ODBC bridge and employ it for connecting to the ODBC databases. If you would like, there exists a free evaluation download. Visit http://www.simba.com/evaluate-odbc-sdk.htm. Within the project overview, explain that you would like a JDBC/ODBC bridge and you're simply searching to make use of the Simba Client/Server component.