Formerly Google released a credit card applicatoin that may search twitter message With Time as with news timeline. However it appears it can now only provide real-time (current) message index, not that old and all sorts of tweets ever. I wish to investigate on tweets, but don't know where you can download or use of such data according to timeline or geography or demographic or subject list.

Thanks ahead of time.

That old tweets aren't openly accessible - even to folks who authored them.

Possibly you need to contact Twitter. The United States Library of Congress apparently is archiving this data too. You may have the ability to get access from either of those whether it's the best (college based) research activity.

Addition: There has been a couple of corpora produced from Twitter, however they were taken off distribution at Twitter's request. The streaming API causes it to be pretty simple to construct your own corpus inside a couple of hrs/times of quite a decent size, but I'm not sure associated with a that are offered for distribution. Based on the application, the International Conference on Social Media and Weblogs has (terabytes of) data readily available for research, but I'm not sure contrary from twitter is incorporated.