I truly take some ASP.Internet MVC CTP 4 hosting. Is anybody carrying this out? It's surprising there's nobody prepared to take my money simply because it's in beta.

This can be a customer requirement, why is each host I request just saying 'we can't do that'?

You don't have to install the MVC Libraries in to the GAC, so any .Internet 3.5 Host supports ASP.Internet MVC.

The only real trick is your routes will need to have .aspx inside them to invoke ASP.Internet, given that they most likely will not setup the HTTPHandler in IIS for you personally.


This link shows how you can place it on any shared host:


There are 2 web hostings you can look at -

Arvixe and webhost4life!

With my experience, Arvixe is really a cheaper asp.internet website hosting and webhost4life is much better for that client service support.

Webhost4life is terrible, they was previously great but lately switched to newer and more effective platform and essentially everything has gone downhill fast. I'm likely to get off them the moment I'm able to.

I'll be moving to http://world wide web.arvixe.com/

UPDATE: I has progressed to arvixe.com and thus-far am happy. Used to do get an answer from webhost4life plus they flat-out declined to create the .Internet wildcard mapping proclaiming that *.mvc or *.aspx extensions will have to supply on the servers. Hope that can help, -fs

@Jonathan - Ok sounds promising. Whereby the path? In the controller such as this?


            "Default", // Route title




EDIT - Ok, yes like this. Just pointer Jonathan.

Many hosts will even setup a wildcard path to ASP.Internet for you personally which means you will not require the .aspx suffix.

I've got a freehosting on qsh.eu and that i use ASP.Internet MVC on my small test applications, with no intervention of my hoster.

I understand it can be done on Mosso