I'm trying to test out Node.js. Because it needs the V8 engine, can one operate a Node.js application on the free cloud hosting companies: AppEngine or Heroku?

  1. Otherwise, then what's the standard method to deploy it on the internet?
  2. If so, then how? any pointers?
  3. If on local machine, then any starters for your?


Ryan Dahl, creator of node.js, is maintaining a listing of node.js hosting companies.

For that simplest hosting, I believe Webbynode looks good, but you have to find the correct fit to your requirements and abilities. There's attorney at law about easy node.js hosting solutions over around the node.js google group, the industry great community along with a good way for more information. You need to certainly check there, particularly if you are reading through this several weeks or years from now.

Listed here are more discussions in the google group about hosting:

Nodester is really a free new free node.js hosting platform!

Joyent lately opened up a node.js hosting service known as Node SmartMachines at http://no.p that was presented to Node Knockout participants in an effort to host their application.

It's presently in beta but soon it might be one viable selection for you.

The only real other node.js hosting service that I am conscious of is Heroku but they are in beta too.

Standard strategy is to deploy it yourself. You cannot apply it to Application Engine.

I simply learned about a brand new Node host company known as DuoStack. It really works quite much like Heroku. It's in closed beta, however they appear to reply fairly rapidly to demands for invites.

Heroku gives experimental support for Node.js Find out more: http://blog.heroku.com/archives/2010/4/28/node_js_support_experimental/

Anymore ideas?

Do this: http://dailyjs.com/2010/03/15/hosting-nodejs-applications/

Heroku hosts node applications too, but it is still in closed beta.

Also, if IIRC, you should use Rhino on AppEngine to operate javascript.

bejes.us is within beta right now running the NodesterJS stack.

Simply to update all of you, Node.js has become formally on Heroku

joyent (creator of node) includes a hosting platform: no.p, and heroku offer node hsoting around the Ceder stack: http://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/node-js

Appears like http://jsapp.us/ can also be a fast and simple method to try some node.js dev out