I'll be given employment offer by an IT company, and was requested to "take a look atInch PL/SQL since i have did not cash knowledge about databases. I've a comprehensive background in C++ among other programming languages, and so i don't believe this can pose an excessive amount of challenging. However, I do not get access to any Oracle database in your own home, so I'm wondering if there's a "toy" database and terminal online where I'm able to practice.

Register yourself a free account at APEX ONLINE you've all the tools free of charge available on the web, or simple download Oracle Database 10g Express Edition

Go and obtain the Express version from the database server Here

For learning PL/SQL start here

I recommend a greater priority is always to discover the Relational type of data, then SQL.

If you do not begin with a good knowledge of the RM, you are more prone to often use procedural solutions in which a set-based approach is much better.