I am hooking up for an AS/400 saved procedure layer while using IBM iSeries Access for Home windows package. This gives b .Internet dll with classes much like individuals within the System.Data namespace. As a result we use their implementation from the connection class and supply it having a connection string.

Does anybody understand how I'm able to amend the bond string to point the default library it will use?

If you're hooking up through .Internet:

Provider=IBMDA400Data Source=as400.comUser Id=userPassword=passwordDefault Collection=yourLibrary

Default Collection may be the parameter that sets the library where your programs should start performing.

And when you're hooking up through ODBC from home windows (like establishing a person within the user interface):

DRIVER=Client Access ODBC Driver(32-bit)SYSTEM=as400.comEXTCOLINFO=1UID=userPWD=passwordLibraryList=yourLibrary

Within this situation LibraryList may be the parameter to create, remember to ODBC connection.

You will find two motorists from IBM for connecting towards the AS400, the older one uses the above mentioned connection string, if you possess the latest version from the client software from IBM known as "System i Access for home windows" then you need to use this connection string:

DRIVER=iSeries Access ODBC DriverSYSTEM=as400.comEXTCOLINFO=1UID=userPWD=passwordLibraryList=yourLibrary

The final is virtually exactly the same, just the DRIVER parameter value changes

If you work with this inside a .Internet application remember to include the providerName parameter for your XML tag and define the API employed for hooking up which may be OleDb within this situation:


Are you currently while using Catalog Library List parameter? This is exactly what my connection string typically appears like:

[add title="AS400ConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=DEVL820Initial Catalog=Q1A_DATABASE_SRVRPersist Security Info=FalseUser ID=BLAHPassword=BLAHBLAHProvider=IBMDASQL.DataSource.1Catalog Library List="HTSUTST, HTEUSRJ, HTEDTA"" providerName="System.Data.OleDb" /]

Note: swapped the < and > figures for [ and ] to ensure that it might display in the publish, however, you most likely already understood that 8^D

Wow! That connection string offers quite a bit more parameters inside it than ours, that is just


I'll use the recommended parameter and allow you to understand how it goes. Just quick response.

Snippet from some Delphi source code while using Client Access Express Driver. Most likely not quite what you're searching for, but assistance others that come across this publish. The DBQ part may be the default library, and also the System part may be the AS400/DB2 host title.

ConnectionString :=
  'Driver={Client Access ODBC Driver (32-bit)};' +
  'System=' + System + ';' +
  'DBQ=' + Lib + ';' +
  'TRANSLATE=1;' +
  'CMT=0;' +
  //'DESC=Client Access Express ODBC data source;' +
  'PKG=QGPL/DEFAULT(IBM),2,0,1,0,512;' +      
  'XLATEDLL=;' +