I am creating a Software like a Service offering that other designers may use to integrate to their own sites running using blogging platforms (and finally other platforms). The after sales will operate on some Relaxation webservices using Grails.

I wish to create some Wordpress icons that may instantly hook directly into my web services. The wordpress installation will manage all the content, however the Grails after sales will manage all the application and domain logic, including user management.

I believe I realize the way i can get fundamental stateless calls from Wordpress to Grails to operate by passing back JSON or XML structures after which parsing and exhibiting individuals in PHP. But beyond that, Let me support stateful activity too, like permitting customers to complete a login form on the Wordpress site, yet authenticating them from the Grails after sales. Following the user is drenched in, their qualifications (or session) should still propagate for future webservice calls.

I am less than sure ways to get began since I am relatively recent to web services, and also have never done webservice or mix-site security . One concept that I'd ended up being to in some way expose a Java jsessionid towards the client, but I am unsure exactly how to achieve that.

What are the designs or preferred models for this kind of setup? Has anybody done an identical kind of integration that may produce some guidance?

you could try while using grails wordpress plugin around the back-finish which assists AJAX authentication.