1) What configurations within the ColdFusion Administrator ought to be switched off/on?

2) What ColdFusion code in the event you use to correctly benchmark execution time like getTickCount()?

3) What system information in the event you provide like CF Engine, Version, Standard/Enterprise, DB, etc?

What we should do is:

  • In Application.cfc's onRequestStart() -> set tick count value, increase REQUEST scope.
  • In Application.cfc's onRequestEnd() -> set tick count value, take away first value from this to obtain total processing amount of time in ms
  • Then we possess a set threshold (say 200ms) and when that threshold is arrived at we'll log an archive inside a database table
  • Typically we'll log the URL query string, the script title, the server title, etc.

This could give very helpful information with time how particular pages are carrying out. This may also be easily graphed so that you can find out if a webpage all of a sudden began taking 5000ms where prior to being taking 300ms, and you can check SVN to determine what change made it happen :)

Hope that can help!

1) In CF administrator, in Debug Configurations, you are able to switch on Enable Request Debugging Output, which results runtime along with other debugging information at the end of each and every page. This is often helpful if you wish to see queries too. If you wish to use timers for you must choose Timer Information within the Debug Configurations(got held on that for any hot minute).

2) You should use timers to possess custom benchmarks of execution occasions. You will find four types, inline, outdoors,comment or debug, each akin to in which the output is going to be. In inline, it'll produce a little box around your code(if it is b .cfm) and print the entire runtime. Others prints towards the bottom output that you simply switched on in CF admin.

3) I do not fully realize what you need to provide. Really wish i could help more. For me the greater information the greater, to ensure that things i would say :P

regarding @mbseid's answer, request debugging adds a lot of processing time for you to any request, particularly if you use CFCs. I would suggest you turn request debugging off and employ getTickCount() at the very top and bottom from the page after which go ahead and take difference to obtain the time for you to render that page. This provides you with a significantly closer reflection of methods the code will work being produced.